Das World College of Refractive Surgery and Visual Sciences (WCRS) ernennt Dr. Breyer als Gründungsmitglied und Fellow des WCRS

Portrait von Dr. Detlev Breyer

Focus-Top-Mediziner Dr. Detlev R.H. Breyer wurde zum Gründungsmitglied und Fellow des World College of Refractive Surgery ernannt.

In Anerkennung seines Engagements und seiner Beiträge zum Fachgebiet der refraktiven Chirurgie hat der Vorstand des World College of Refractive Surgery & Visual Sciences (WCRSVS) Dr. Breyer als eines seiner Gründungsmitglieder und zum zertifizierten Fellow des World College ernannt.

Das WCRS ist die erste internationale Fachgesellschaft für refraktive Chirurgen. Ähnliche Gesellschaften gibt es bereits für andere Subspezialisierungen in der Augenchirurgie. Mit der Annahme dieser Ehrung erhält Dr. Breyer die Board-Zertifizierung in refraktiver Chirurgie und wird als Gründungsmitglied des World College of Refractive Surgery and Visual Sciences anerkannt.

„Ihre Qualifikationen für diese Auszeichnung wurden einstimmig von einem internationalen Gremium refraktiver Chirurgen geprüft. Die Rechtfertigung wurde durch Ihre herausragenden chirurgischen Fähigkeiten und die Beherrschung der Praxis der refraktiven Chirurgie sowie durch andere greifbare Faktoren wie Ihre Leistungen und Führungsqualitäten in Lehre, Ausbildung und Forschung bestimmt.“

Charles H. Williamson, MD, FACS, FWCRS
Das World College of Refractive Surgery

Die WCRS wird ein internationaler Fachausschuss für refraktive Chirurgie sein. Als Fachgremium wird das WCRS dazu beitragen, Möglichkeiten für Assistenzärzte und praktizierende refraktive Chirurgen zur Zertifizierung in refraktiver Chirurgie zu schaffen, indem es internationale Standards für Ausbildung, Training und chirurgische Erfahrung, einschließlich eines Examens, anerkennt und akzeptiert. Der WCRS wird auch Akkreditierungsstandards für Lehrprogramme, Stipendien, Organisationen und Einrichtungen weltweit anbieten.

Darüber hinaus ist der WCRS eine Wohltätigkeitsorganisation, die den Benachteiligten in unserer Gesellschaft etwas zurückgeben möchte. Der WCRS ist der operative Arm der angeschlossenen Visual Freedom Foundation (VFF). Die VFF hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, durch refraktive Chirurgie sowohl in den Entwicklungsländern als auch in den Industriestaaten die beiden Hauptursachen für vermeidbare Blindheit in benachteiligten Bevölkerungsgruppen zu bekämpfen: unbehandelte Refraktionsfehler und Katarakte.

Vollständiger Text der Nominierung von Dr. Breyer

Dear Dr. Breyer

I am writing you as a matter of great importance for the specialty of Refractive Surgery and also in personal admiration of you as someone who represents excellence in our specialty.

The word “specialty” seems natural to us as refractive surgeons but unfortunately we are almost through the 1st quarter of the 21st century and Refractive Surgery is the last field to assume it’s rightful place as a standalone specialty.

7 specialties in ophthalmology have formed their own Boards and established guidelines for credentialing in their specialty decades ago.

Retina/Uveitis, Glaucoma, Cornea/Anterior Segment, Strabismus/Pediatric Ophthalmology, Neuro-Ophthalmology, OculoPlastics/Orbit, Ocular/Oncology have long had guidelines for certification and accreditation in place.

Refractive Surgery has not been organized as an official Specialty Board …until now.

It’s my pleasure to announce that the public-facing launch of the World College of Refractive Surgery & Visual Sciences (WCRS) has finally arrived!

The WCRS will be a global Specialty Board for Refractive Surgery. As a Specialty Board the WCRS will provide a path for residents and practicing refractive surgeons for Board Certification in Refractive Surgery by recognizing and acceptance of an international standards for education, training and surgical experience including a Board exam.

The WCRS also will also offer accreditation standards for teaching programs, fellowships, organizations and facilities worldwide.

The reason for this email and is that I have nominated you on behalf of the Board to be among the first who will soon receive an official document in which you be asked by the World College of Refractive Surgery and Visual Sciences (WCRS) to be honored as a member of its inaugural class of refractive surgeons in recognition of your commitment and contributions to the Specialty of Refractive Surgery.

With your acceptance of this honor you will receive Board Certification in Refractive Surgery and be recognized as a charter Fellow of the World College of Refractive surgery and Visual Sciences.

This offer will allow you to be grandfathered in for board certification and will only be extended to a select few in the inaugural year to be granted through the authoritative power of the Board of the WCRS.

Your qualifications for this honor were vetted unanimously by an International Board of Refractive Surgeons. Its justification was determined through your excellence in surgical skills and having mastered the practice of Refractive surgery as well other tangibles such as your accomplishments and leadership in teaching, education and research.

One of the benefits of being grandfathered in as a Charter Fellow is to skip the usual Board Exam process including waving off the $2000 Board exam and application fee that will be required of future applicants.

This is granted in appreciation and recognition of your position in establishing the foundation of the Specialty of Refractive Surgery globally.

Your acceptance of course is voluntary and non-compulsory. There are no dues and no membership requirements.

The only legal minimal requirements as a Charter Fellow of the WCRS is that you:

Accept the mission and purpose of the WCRS and its bylaws
You retain your yearly maintenance of certification (MOC) which is legally compulsory of all Medical Specialty Boards to keep Board Certification in most countries.

It is my hope, belief and personal conviction that you will see the need help elevate Refractive Surgery to its rightful place among the other specialties.

Being one of an international group of refractive surgeons asked to take on this task over 2 years ago has given me a unique perspective on the difficulties and challenges associated with creating such a Board.

One of the reasons we haven’t had a Board is the enormity of this venture and the systemic bias against refractive surgery that still lingers in ophthalmology

The WCRS is not a teaching organization and it is not competitive with any existing teaching organizations or programs.

The WCRS seeks to be collaborative and supportive with all existing teaching organizations. We hope to add value to these educational programs through the accreditation of educational lectures and materials towards Certification in Refractive Surgery.

The WCRS has no competition as the only global organization to offer credentialing in Refractive Surgery. The WCRS will be the most trusted resource for establishing a standard for qualifications and quality of care in our specialty with recognition by our peers in the medical profession and trust in the eyes of our patients.

The WCRS is also a Social Benefit Corporation and believes in the importance of giving back to the disadvantaged in our society. The WCRS is the operational arm of our affiliated 501(c)3 Visual Freedom Foundation (VFF).

The mission of the VFF is to combat the two leading causes of global preventable blindness, unaddressed refractive error and cataract, in disadvantaged populations through refractive surgery for both the developing and developed world.

The WCRS will uniquely operate as a central Global Central Board made up of international refractive surgeons who will filter policy and procedures through the local leadership of 6 Regional Advisory Councils to more effectively translate decentralized operations through 6 global regions. This allows for efficient cross boarder operations and cultural fluency to operate on a global platform.

A visit to the website wcrsvs.org will be informative and contain more information.

I wanted to personally give you notice of the reasons for your nomination. In that regard, please consider your acceptance of this offer to be honored as one of the foundational surgeons in what I feel will be a historic milestone for the specialty of Refractive Surgery.


Chuck Williamson

Charles H. Williamson, MD, FACS, FWCRS
Medical & Surgical Director
The Williamson Eye Center
Outpatient Surgery Center for Sight