Dr. Detlev R.H. Breyer, Dr. Karsten Klabe und Prof. Dr. Hakan Kaymak.
Our senior surgeons.

Minimally invasive and painless therapy of eye diseases is a passion of our ophthalmologists

To enable us to treat or operate your eyes gently and painlessly, our ophthalmologists are also working scientifically. As a co-operation partner in the IVCRC.net of the UniversitätsAugenklinik Heidelberg, we are executing our own research projects. Our experienced ophthalmologists and eye surgeons in Düsseldorf will be happy to assist you. Please make an appointment.

Eye diseases and vision defects

  • Teaserfoto Myopia (shortsightedness)

    Myopia (Shortsightedness)

    Myopia occurs if the eyeball is too long and the rays of light do not to have their focus exactly on the retina but in front of it.

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  • Teaserfoto Presbyopia


    Presbyopia is an age-related process and is not caused by an error in the eye's "optical structure".

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  • Teaserfoto Cataract


    A cataract is a clouding of the eye's lens which can affect many people in their second half of life.

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We are treading new ground for your vision

Implantable contact lenses

At the ESCRS congress, Dr. Breyer performs a live implantation of the Visian ICL contact lens with a micro incision of 1.8 mm as the first person in the whole world.

UV Cross linking

Dr. Breyer is among the pioniers to treat keratoconus with the UV Cross linking.

Premium lenses

Dr. Breyer implanted a toric intraocular lens through a 1.8-mm micro incision for treatment of a cataract and correction of astigmatism as the first person in the whole world.


Dr. Breyer is one of the 10 first users of ReLEx® SMILE globally. His work has been recognized in the international scientific community.

Laser Blended Vision

Dr. Breyer offers as one of the first Eye Surgeons Laser Blended Vision (Presbyond) to treat Presbyopia.

Cataract operation

In Europe, we are among the first five practices to operate cataracts with the femtosecond laser.


Dr. Klabe is among the first doctors exclusively performing all modern glaucoma surgery procedures on an outpatient basis, in particular the minimally invasive glaucoma operation.


Professor Kaymak implants the first special AMD lens in Europe.

Mouches Volantes

Professor Kaymak and Roxana Fulga are among the first users of laser vitreolysis globally.

Macular diseases

Globally, Professor Kaymak is one of the pioneers treating macular disorders by gentle Nano-laser therapy.

Glaucoma micro implants

As one of the first doctors to do so, Dr. Klabe implanted the micro implants iStent-Inject and XEN. Dr. Klabe is appointed to the European and German advisory board for the XEN implant.


Dr. Breyer is awarded a prize for his Düsseldorf formula by the congress of European eye surgeons.

Atropine therapy

As a matter of routine, Professor Kaymak uses the low-dosage atropine therapy in myopic children and adolescents. He has been researching this topic for 20 years.


Dr. Breyer is awarded a Sci-Tech Award: 3D vision is very good with the Düsseldorf formula.


Dr. Klabe becomes a member of the European and German advisory board for the Cypass, a micro implant for surgical treatment of glaucoma.

Glaucoma surgery

Dr Karsten Klabe is one of the pioneers using the Kahook Dual Blade® and the MicroShunt®.

Premium IOL

Our MI-LENS® concept for the customised correction of presbyopia is supplemented by the Blended Vision Concept.

SMILE Pro with Visumax 800

Since January 22, Dr Breyer has been one of the first 5 users worldwide of the new SMILE pro with the VISUMAX 800.


Dr Breyer is appointed Fellow of the World College of Refractive Surgery and Visual Sciences (WCRS).